Tomb Raider (2013) Quiver & Arrows Tutorial

Unfortunately, I do not have any video footage for this tutorial since I made it before I decided to create a YouTube channel. I did, however, take a good amount of photos during the process and will do my best to walk you through what I did to make Lara Croft’s quiver from the 2013 Tomb Raider game. Perhaps I will do a video in the future!

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Two rectangular stiff plastic canvases (I got mine at JoAnn Fabrics)
  • One circular stiff plastic canvas
  • Yarn (or thick string, any color will do)
  • A large needle (I think it might be called a tapestry needle)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric (can be any color, or grey like the actual quiver)
  • Hot glue
  • Craft foam
  • Assorted acrylic paints and paint/sponge brush
  • Thin dowels (for the arrows)

First, take the two plastic rectangular canvases and sew the ends together with the needle and yarn (or thick string if you prefer). This will give you one long rectangle.

Next, you’ll want to form it into a cylinder, the right diameter of Lara’s quiver. Unfortunately, I made mine a little wider than I should have, but I still love how it came out! With binder clips, secure it together, sew it together, then cut off any excess.

Next, you’ll want to glue this onto the circular plastic canvas with the hot glue, trimming the excess of that canvas as well once it has dried. This will be the bottom of your quiver.

Trace the cylinder and cut out a circular piece of fabric, gluing it to the bottom. You’ll want to leave some extra to fold over the sides like the second photo below. Glue it all down.

Taking your fabric again, measure out enough to fit around your quiver completely, with some extra up top because you will want to fold it into the inside a little bit to hide the mesh canvas.

Before you wrap it, fold and glue down some clean seams. You’ll want to make a seam for the bottom as well as on the side (the one that will wind up being the end of the fabric).

Start wrapping and gluing as you go! As you can see in the bottom picture (the bottom of the quiver is currently up), there is a clean seam, as well as one in the following picture.

Below, you’ll see that I left some extra fabric up top so that I could fold and glue it all down on the inside of the quiver.

Once it’s completely covered, cut out a long rectangle from the fabric, long enough to completely wrap around the quiver; hem the top, bottom and side seams again then glue. This is the fold detail up top, as you can see. Then take your yarn or string and sew some fake stitching, using references from the game if you need them.

Next, cut out two rectangles from the craft foam and cover with fabric. You can leave the back uncovered (as pictured), then proceed to hot glue these onto the back of the quiver. These should be put on horizontally, with the two ends folded in to be glued down. They are for the strap to go through that holds it onto your back.

Then, it’s time to paint! Since I didn’t have any grey fabric, I just completely painted mine using grey, black, white and some brown acrylic paint. Unfortunately, I do not have any progress photos of the painting job, but all I did was reference the game photos until I got the desired look.

As that was drying, I took some string I had lying around and painted it brown since it was actually a grey color. This was then used to wrap around the quiver, like above, secured with the hot glue.

And that’s it! I stuck one of those floral styrofoam blocks down inside the quiver so that my arrows would stay upright. The arrows themselves were just made from thin dowels painted brown, with white craft foam feathers. They were glued down into the styrofoam so that they wouldn’t fall out, and I made a loose arrow to pose with.

I certainly hope that made some sense! I’m sure there are other and easier tutorials out there, but since canvas fabric is a bit pricey and I really can’t sew, this was the first method I thought of…and I think it came out pretty decent!

As always, thanks for stopping by, guys! 🙂