Madame Olivia Cosplay from Sea of Thieves

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Madame Olivia of the Order of Souls Cosplay

In March of 2018, the creative minds at Rare released one of the most community-driven multiplayer action-adventure games to date: Sea of Thieves. I was on board from day 1 and have watched not only the game grow, but the players as well. And who doesn’t like pirates?! You can sail the seas in this fantastical world that just keeps on expanding. And after playing for that initial year, I knew I had to work on a cosplay.

The beauty of the game is that there are no set characters. There are no “main heroes.” You are your own main character, one you’ve chosen from a random generator and can customize hair, clothing and accessories later on. So, what was I to do? That was when the Forsaken Shores trailer came out and I knew immediately that I wanted to cosplay as Madame Olivia from the Order of Souls trading company. She’s dark and yet friendly, a little evil but also helpful to adventurers. And most importantly, she can suck the soul out of a former reanimated skelly’s skull to access all of its memories and the locations of hidden treasure and artifacts.

It was a no-brainer.

So, after planning and gathering supplies, the actual creation of this cosplay took about a month. And I don’t think I would have been half as happy with it if it weren’t for the fabulous paints by Plaid. I didn’t use anything but their products, such as their Leather Studio paints, Brushed Metal acrylics, and Color Shift paint. They are fabulous, and made the pieces of this costume really stand out.

Madame Olivia from Sea of Thieves Cosplay

Do you want to see how I created everything? Well, I’ve gathered all of my new tutorials into a playlist, ready for your perusal: Sea of Thieves Cosplay Tutorial Videos.

Madame Olivia from Sea of Thieves with the Forsaken Shores Orb

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