Lara Croft’s Watch | Tomb Raider 2013 Cosplay Tutorial

Hey all! I’m here with another quick, easy and very inexpensive tutorial. I’m the type of person who likes to craft on a budget, and that includes my cosplay! I don’t like to spend too much money on a prop or article of clothing that I know I will not wear outside my costumes. And since I don’t wear watches, well, pretty much never, I refused to spend $20+ on a wristwatch for my Tomb Raider 2013 cosplay. BUT, during one of my many trips to Dollar Tree, I came across this:

Dollar Tree watch.

Lara Croft's watch from Tomb Raider 2013.
Image from the game of Lara’s watch.

Okay, so it’s blue and doesn’t look exaaaaactly like Lara’s, but it was a DOLLAR. And with a little bit of paint, I think it came out pretty good!

Easy cosplay tutorial on how to recreate Lara Croft's watch from Tomb Raider 2013.

Sometimes you can’t be too picky, and I’m certainly okay with this accessory┬ánot being exactly like the game’s. It’s a watch- no one is really going to be paying that much attention. Anyway, feel free to watch my video tutorial below! And once again, thanks for stopping by and happy crafting! ­čśë