My Punisher Cosplay Vest | Netflix Show Version

I really, really wanted to do a genderbent Frank Castle cosplay, but wasn’t sure how to go about making the vest. I could have easily just used a shirt with the skull on it, but I wanted the tactical vest based off of the Netflix show. Tom Jane was my favorite Punisher (and possibly still is), but Jon Bernthal just brought a whole new level of badassery to the character. I needed to do this version of Castle.

Vests were a little too pricey for me just to simply buy and alter and possibly never wear again…so I opted to make my own. And it wasn’t as hard as it looks! You just need some craft foam (or EVA foam), contact cement, and white acrylic paint!

The thing was, I didn’t know where to begin. I’d never done a cosplay build like this before. Fortunately, I found this awesome YouTuber, Xieng Prod, who does some amazing work with very affordable supplies. Better yet, he even sells the templates to his builds on Etsy for a couple of bucks! If you’re interested in making your own vest, be sure to check out his video tutorial and Etsy shop.

Below is a bit of a chatty video with the speed painting of my vest if you’re interested! 🙂 Feel free to subscribe if you haven’t already, follow me on social and/or leave comments! Thanks again for watching, guys.

Also, check out my Frank Castle gallery here for photos of this finished cosplay.