A Jersey girl living in Pennsylvania, crafting was always a passion of mine. On top of that, I have a heavy love for many particular fandoms, especially Tomb Raider. Lara Croft was my idol from the very moment I popped the first game into my computer. She was strong, independent, witty, and didn’t let anything keep her down. So when I finally got into cosplay, utilizing my love of crafts and costume-making, I knew Croft had to be one of the first cosplays I did.

“Crofty” soon became my gamertag, and later my cosplay name. However, Lara isn’t the only character I’ve taken on. From Supernatural, to DC Comics and Marvel, I’ve slowly been growing my cosplay portfolio. I tend to lean towards the strong-willed women, but have a tendency to genderbend a lot of my favorite male characters as well.

I’m “cospositive”, and believe that everyone and anyone should be able to cosplay whomever they wish, despite their gender, the color of their skin or size. Cosplay is meant to be fun, and you should portray a character because you like them. Not just because you might look like them.

Believe it or not, sewing is not my forte. I’ve actually been too afraid to try creating my own costume from scratch (but want to make an attempt in the future), so I try to get creative and use articles of clothing that I can alter to work. But prop making has become my specialty, and I hope to add more on my Etsy shop. I also have a YouTube channel where I share all of my tutorials, because I firmly believe that not all cosplay has to be expensive, and you can create awesome costumes on a budget!